Kristen DiMercurio is the recipient of a 2018 New York Musical Festival award for Outstanding Individual Performance for her role as The Girl in The Gunfighter Meets His Match.

"When The Gunfighter Meets His Match bows at the New York Musical Festival, no doubt audiences will be talking about star Kristen DiMercurio." - Ruthie Fierberg,

"Kristen DiMercurio, the heroine, is the brightest star of the production. Both as a well-grounded actress and a rich, expressive voice perfectly suited to the music, one feel privileged every time she returns to the stage. I’m thankful that the show is a vehicle to let her do what she does so well. Ms. DiMercurio is alone worth the price of admission."  Chris Behmke, My Entertainment World

"Credit the magnetic Ms. DiMercurio, with her velvety warm voice and heartbreakingly beautiful eyes, for filling this ... playwriting with every bit of her being." - Jeffery Lyle Segal, Times Square Chronicles

"Her vocal talents were outstanding, and her performance at the festival kickstarted her blossoming career."  - Matthew D'Silva, Urban Matter

"There’s a magnetic intensity to DiMercurio’s voice and presence. She sings with a Sara Bareilles-like ache that elevates and deepens the material. " - Dan Rubins,

"... we root for our hero and heroine thanks to the real chemistry between the subtly strong DiMercurio and broodingly handsome Hunsaker." - Zachary Stewart, TheaterMania

"Anyone who doesn't hire her is an idiot." - Kristen's Dad