About Kristen:


Kristen is a native of western Maryland, where she started performing in what she likes to call "homegrown" theatre. Eventually she graduated from converted garages and church basements to the main stages of Emerson College, studying in their BFA Musical Theatre program. From there it was a slow and steady transition to NYC (performing in Maine, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC along the way) - but hey! Better late than never. 

In the audio world, Kristen is most well known for voicing the role of Dr. Sally Grissom in the scifi podcast, ars PARADOXICA. With 3 seasons and over 2 million downloads, this project inspired her to pursue a career in the voiceover industry. Since then, she has performed in a dozen other podcasts and thousands of commercial/industrial voiceover gigs! 

She is also an extremely proud alumni of the Speak About It team, an educational theatre performance about healthy relationships, consent culture, and sexual assault prevention. After her most recent tour with them she has performed for over 35,000 college freshmen all over the country!

Fun Fact! Kristen is also a professional face and body painter! To find out more, check out her website: